• La Zhulma | Journal of Economics and Business Syari'ah

    La Zhulma Journal - Sharia Economics Study Program STAI Tasikmalaya is a journal that discusses the latest Islamic business and economic issues. The preparation of this journal is supported by all the permanent lecturers of the Islamic economics study program at STAI Tasikmalaya, it does not rule out the possibility of opening opportunities for academics outside STAI Tasikmalaya to contribute to the advancement of science and research in the field of sharia economics and business.
    It is hoped that in the future the journal will become a reputable journal that is nationally and internationally acclaimed. Hopefully this journal is useful for readers, be it academics, practitioners, government, and society in general.

  • AL-ABHATS | Islamic and Humanities Research

    Why Al-Ahbat?

    Because al abhat has a deep meaning that every human being is capable of thinking, researching in this vast realm is no exception for insane researchers, namely lecturers and students.

    Al Ahbat (in Arabic: harmonia, means research, but this al abhat if extended comes from the term Albahth al islamiu wa la insaniu = Islamic and humanitarian research, in English we known as Islamic and Humanities Research).

  • FIKROTUNA: Journal of Islamic Education

    Focus on scientific work on Islamic Education including Islamic Curriculum and Learning, Islamic Education Management, Madrasas, Islamic Boarding Schools and Early Age Education.